Thursday, October 1, 2015

Four reasons churches do not have a revival

You may never experience a revival:
1) If inviting an evangelist to your church makes you feel like you are doing him/her a favor. "We'll invite the evangelist to show our support for the ministry" An evangelist is a vital part of the Body of Christ. Call an evangelist when you are ready to wake up the church and be revived in God's will for your life.

2) If the church is focused on saving money rather than saving lives. One of the latest trends is summed up like this, "Instead of a 3 day revival, let's just have a 1 day revival on Sunday. That will save us from paying the evangelist for two additional days".  
The fear: These days it just seems to take so much money to feed the people, pay the evangelist and spend money on advertising.
The Reality:  The cost of not having a revival is much greater than the cost of having a revival.  A dead church cost everything. Be lead by faith rather than fear. God doesn't give the Spirit of fear. Have faith and trust God to provide.

3) If the church feels like the evangelist and the pastor will make it all happen. It's not gonna happen!  True revival begins with the Body of Christ coming together in prayer, fasting, seeking God's will and each member picking up the Cross (that means getting your hands dirty and doing some work to support it; like inviting people and putting your own money into it).

4) Finally, if you never schedule it, it will not happen.  There must be a desire for the church to be revived. Someone must take a firm stance to say, "The time is now, let revival begin with me". Church wake up, we all need a revival.

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