Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ready or not

Christians, are you seriously ready? 

At some point in our ministry, I had to admit that I wasn't sure if our church was genuinely prepared to help someone in need.  I don't mean financially, I mean real help.  Years ago, a man called me and said he was going to commit suicide, it was at that moment, that I felt the words, "I will pray for you" had very little power in this situation.  I needed to actually help this person and I prayed for God to help me and give me the words and knowledge to make a difference. I had to place all my trust in God. I really had to trust Him the way that we claim we trust Him.  I convinced the man to meet with me - a little while later, we made it to a hospital that specializes in suicides.

Another time, we had three children visit our church who had been abused by family. There was no proof and the police said that there was nothing they could do at this point.  Our church couldn't just sit back and watch this continue - we had to truly trust God that he would provide the proof we needed for these children. We prayed. I mean we really prayed - expecting an answer from God!  A confession from the family member was given to the police just a few hours later!

I received a phone call that a young lady was on her death bed with no chance to survive.  How do you comfort a family? What do you ask God for? How can God fix this? Days later, after the young lady passed away, the family said that God had given them such a great peace through it all. God had comforted them. He was there with them. He never left them. That week several of the family members were lead to Christ because they witnessed the power and love of God.

As Christians, we often talk about this wonderful God that we serve, but until we actually experience His amazing abilities to help us and help others - we simply don't understand what we actually have.  Never give up praying - but stop using it as a crutch. Get involved and be ready to use the power of God through His church - you!

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