Monday, July 20, 2015

Mark your calendar for family

If you don't make time for family; you'll never have time for family. 
Calendars are everywhere these days and we use them often to schedule all of our important meetings for church, business and social activities. Many calendars omit family time. Scheduling family time every week is a great reminder of our most important appointments. If you MUST cancel a family time appointment, explain the situation to the family and replace it with the next available time (don't just pass over it). 

Don't over do it. Sometimes a whole day of activities are too much for everyone. Spend a few hours together and have fun. It doesn't have to be expensive - take a long walk in a new place, go to the park, play in the backyard, go out for ice cream - but most of all enjoy the time.
WARNING: Spending quality time with family creates a lifetime of wonderful memories, stronger families and a greater future for the children.

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